The little Barceloneta of Italy

The little Barceloneta of Italy

Alghero is different. You understand it from the first words you hear from the inhabitants. Here people speak Sardinian and Catalan, the streets bear two names, one national and one catalan. This is the reason Alghero is also known as Barceloneta (Little Barcelona).

 This city has developed its personality by remaining closed for centuries within its walls, but today is the most lively and dynamic touristic place on the island.

Its name come from seaweed, but it is also called the Coral Riviera, this because of its depths rich in this red gold like nowhere else.

The promenade that runs along the ramparts between the various characteristic houses, restaurants, bars and various local shops allows you to breathe a special atmosphere you find only in this little town of Sardinia.

The historical center is beautiful with its labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys, full of churches and ancient buildings that make us go back through the centuries.

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