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Starting from Alghero, the most popular ride follows the Natural Park of Porto Conte. There are spectacular views around every turn and many opportunities to stop for photos and exploration.

Choose between Touring, road and Mtb Itineraries!

Cycling in Sardina

Biking Navigation App

At Bike Alghero we’re proud to be the first to offer a mobile app in Alghero. Our free mobile application (from same company Biking Sardinia) was designed to make your bike ride informative, easy, and fun, and help you get the most out of your cycling adventure. Browse through recommended routes and choose your adventure!

The APP includes points of interest along your route, real-time location mapping, and en-route assistance. Everything you need to get rolling on the ride will be at your fingertips!

The Biking Sardinia mobile app is available as a free download for both Apple and Android users. Get it from the App Store and Google Play Store by searching out Biking Sardinia, or just scan the QR code below and you’re ready to roll.

Touring Ride

A day at the Neptune's Grotto

An easy ride on paved road till Capo Caccia and the entrance of the Neptune Grotto, the ride is easy on flat roads as total of 50,8 kms and 115mt of uphill. Along the route you can stop for a coffee, drink or lunch or a picnic inside the Natural Park of Porto Conte. Check our tips.

Road- Touring Ride

The "Classical" Alghero - Bosa
One of the best route in the Mediterranean sea.

This route is recommend to expert cyclist by road bike, and to everyone by touring E-Bike. You can ride also only one leg along the coast with a round trip itinerary having a lunch in the beautiful Borgo of Bosa. Remember to have enough water especially during hot season, there is no bar along the route.

Road Bike Ride

The "Long Ride" Alghero - Argentiera

Great long ride along the coast till the Minery Park of Argentiera, where you feel like to get back in the old wild west. This route is only for Cyclist experts well fitted.

Road Bike Ride

A day trip to Stintino

A great ride to Stintino La Pelosa Beach and back to Alghero, the final target worth the fatigue to see one the best beach of the world. This itinerary is recommended only to expert cyclist.

Road Bike Ride

The "Wall" A loop around Alghero for an half-day workout

A loop around Alghero with almost 1000mt of uphill, amazing views and great training. Remember enough water in hot season, you find only a spring water before the great wall

Road Bike Ride

A day around inland villages

One day inside the local habits of the sardinians, this is what you can discover with this day tour.

Wonderful views from the sea to the hills, i’m sure you will be amazed how less car traffic you will find in these perfect roads born for cyclist. I recommend you a stop to Monteleone Roccadoria, a stunning village above a cliff rock.

Mtb Bike Ride

The "Riviera del Corallo" a basic trail

Everybody can ride this easy trail, we recommend an E-mtb for enjoying  the best emotion. Stunning views and hidden beaches around the corner are ready to be discovered.

Mtb Bike Ride

A day around inland villages

The best family trail, easy to ride, recommended from 7 years old, the best place to meet animals and have a fun.

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